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Exclusive corner opens in Le Fouquet’s, Paris, on 16 September 2016

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Fragrances & Elegance

Le Fouquet’s and the prestigious perfume house, Parour, proudly unveiled an exclusive corner, right at the heart of l’Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris, to present the “Fragrances by Fouquet’s” collection together with a limited edition ornamental candle and fragrance diffuser – two exclusive products echoing the Fugue à Paris fragrance.

Around one hundred journalists attended the press conference on 16 September.

With these two exclusive works of art, Le Fouquet’s and Parour invite you on a journey into the world of the senses heightened by sophisticated materials, potent aromas and unparalleled expertise.

Discover them today at l’Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris and on our website at

Parfums Parour won a FIFI Award

russian fifi 2013 Russian Fragrance Award cigar collection fifi moscow

Parfums Parour is happy to share with you its recently won prestigious FIFI Russian Award.
On November 26th, in Moscow, The Perfumery Club of Russia gave out prestige awards in 15 categories at the Awarding Ceremony in the Icon Club in Moscow.

PARFUMS PAROUR earned the FIFI of the best Prestige Collection:
With their vanilla, leather, spicy, plant and sensual aromas, the notes of these exceptional materials bear testimony to the beguiling sensuality and timeless variety of these 9 fragrances that compose the Cigar Collection universe: a tribute to the traditions of Haute Parfumerie.

Packaged in brushed and ringed aluminium boxes for men fragrances and sealed in a polished aluminium case with either flamboyant, pastel or decidedly delicious colours for women, carved rings embedded with genuine crystals encircle the bottles created by the famous French designer Sylvie de France for Parfums Parour.

To see the Video of the Ceremony, click here.